Adding with Fractions

We’re back at it with fractions!

Students should know how to:

  • compare any two fractions (<, >, =)
  • justify why they compare them that way (they have codes)
  • come up with equivalent fractions
  • create a double number line
  • fill in a rate table
  • divide whole numbers by fractions
  • multiply with fractions less than 1

Now we are using our understanding to add and subtract fractions. The essential first step to adding or subtracting fractions is working with equal sized pieces (common denominator). Some of this we can do mentally, like adding half and quarter, some we need to write out.

Talk to your child about the Land Sections problem!

The work right now revolves around continuing to make sense of working with fractions. If you talk with your child about math, ask them why things work, and how they know. When they can explain the why, they have really understood the material.



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