About This Site

This website was created to provide a place for parents and teachers to engage in a dialog about teaching and learning mathematics. We believe that when we share ideas it helps us function as a team.

We are all aware that there is so much more being asked of students today than there was when we were in school. The purpose of this site is to help put us on the same page.

We hope that you will engage with us and with other parents in an open dialog so that conversations can be generated around all of our ideas.



January 2015: Base-Ten Bloggers win leadership grant from the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP)

bt-bloggersOur little PLC has been meeting for a few years working on improving math instruction through reading, developing group-worthy tasks, and discussing our practice and ways we can engage all students. We teach at different grade levels and at different schools, but our collaboration has been sustained by the commonalities that all math teachers face. We are driven to teach authentically, often through inquiry, and within an environment open to diverse opinions, questioning, and struggle. Our PLC supports our development and gets us excited about teaching. This grant has provided us with the means to reach out to the parent (and wider) audience through our blog http://www.base-ten.com/tm. It also makes it possible for us to deepen our practice through professional development.